Monday, 5 December 2011

Calling all accountants in Scotland!

Our company, KSA Group Ltd, specialises in business turnarounds and company rescues.
We do not undertake accounting, tax or audit work, and therefore do not compete for any of your work, however we can help keep your clients in business, if they get into difficulty.

I have recently joined KSA Group and have responsibility for the Scottish Region. I am passionate about helping viable business to survive, and I wish to talk to finance professionals, such as accountants as we believe that in many cases, they are better positioned than company directors to realise that a business needs to act to stop a serious cash flow crisis.

Our team of trained advisors provides a no obligation consultation service and we usually talk to directors, initially on a free of charge basis, during which time will be able to spell out ALL the options available to the company and identify whether and how, we can assist. We specialise in company rescues and have developed the largest online resource on insolvency at

I will call you in a day or so, to see if you would be interested in arranging a meeting, or, please call me on 0131 242 0081 or  07540 432 112

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