Tuesday, 3 April 2012

HMRC targeting restaurants in Scotland over tax evasion

It looks like HMRC are getting heavy with the certain industry sectors in a bid to try and increase revenue collection.

Two Glasgow restaurant owners have been detained on suspicion of failing to pay the right amount of VAT in an investigation led by HMRC.

The raids were carried out last week as part of the ongoing HMRC taskforce operation targeting restaurants in Scotland.

So who are these taskforces?

They are in effect “intensive bursts of compliance activity” targeting specific high risk trade sectors and locations across the country.

It is hoped that these units will raise £7bn over the next financial year.  HMRC have announced that they are to set up 30 of these taskforces in 2012/13. 

If you are having genuine problems actually paying your tax be honest with them and get in touch and seek help if necessary.  HMRC may assume just reluctance rather than the inability to pay.

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